IFA 2014: Harman erweitert Heimkino-Portfolio um die Soundbar JBL Cinema SB350 und den drahtlosen Subwoofer JBL Cinema Base

Neues Heimkino-System sorgt für erstaunlichen Klang und fesselndes Entertainment

Under the brand JBL Harman today announced at the IFA 2014 two additions for its excellent range of home entertainment systems before. 

JBL Cinema Base

The JBL Cinema Base fits perfectly with the modern flat-screen TV and despite slim design provides superb cinema sound with Dolby Digital Surround display and Harman. The compact, one-piece speaker system fits perfectly as a base for most TVs up to a diagonal of 60 inches (152 centimeters) into the living room one. Via a single cable, the JBL Cinema Base can play just about the HDMI, optical or analog connections to the TV set. Thanks to Bluetooth support the speaker is also wireless connection to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets and allows you to stream content. The JBL Cinema Base provides up to 240 watts, spread over the two 65-millimeter driver left and right, and the independently adjustable 90-millimeter subwoofer.

In order to improve the quality of video and audio playback, the JBL Cinema Base has Harman Volume, a technology compensates for sudden volume and prevents about loud commercial breaks. Harman volume can be easily controlled via the TV remote control. Additional user value provides the laterally placed USB port of the JBL Cinema base. Enables you to control the playback of other devices such as smartphones or tablets upload. Even in standby mode, the speaker knows to impress: the elegant and unique metal grill of JBL Cinema Base fits harmoniously into any home theater set-up and is very easy to clean.

"Room-filling sound and realistic is an essential part of any home theater," says Michael Mauser, Managing Director of Lifestyle Division at Harman. "This is precisely the claim meets the JBL Cinema Base: Superior sound from a 2.2 system that blends perfectly with the remote control of popular TV sets and in response fits under the flat screen without taking up much space in the room."

JBL Cinema SB350 and Wireless Subwoofer

The JBL Cinema SB350 ensures cinema-class sound with Dolby Digital Surround display and Harman. The stylish and compact soundbar is equally suitable for placement on the shelf as well as for wall mounting. It is supplemented with a separate subwoofer, the wireless is connected to the Soundbar and can be placed anywhere in the room with it. In this case, the volume of the bass can be adjusted and adapted to personal preferences regardless of the playback volume. The system is a powerful addition to any home theater, and can be connected via a single cable via HDMI and optical or analog to the TV. Also a Bluetooth function allows you to stream content via tablet or smartphone.

The Soundbar with two channels provides up to 160 watts, 160 watts further controls the wireless subwoofer to the system at. The All-in-one solution for home theater support Harman Volume for sudden fluctuations in the volume. This function can be easily controlled via the remote control of the TV. Supplied with all cables and all parts required for wall mounting are included.

"The JBL Cinema SB350 delivers best 2.1 sound quality on a compact soundbar and a subwoofer is connected wirelessly. The system perfectly complements any flat and blends in well with its remote control. The system is thus an essential component for a true home theater experience, "said Michael Mauser.

Price and Availability

The JBL Cinema Base is available in stores now, the retail price is 349.00 EUR. The Complete System JBL Cinema SB350 is now available with a retail price of 399.00 EUR. For more information about the products of the brand JBL available on the Internet to http://www.jbl.com .

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Welcome to JBL

JBL is a unit of Harman International Industries, Inc. JBL is a leading global audio specialist and provider of a wide range of loudspeakers and electronic components for use in the home, in the car, with computers, on concert stages, in theaters, stadiums and in theaters around the world. The Harman International, Incorporated owned company headquartered in Northridge, California, looks back on 64 years of success in loudspeaker design and is proud to enjoy a unique appreciation for both consumers as well as professional users and musicians around the world.

The story began when James Bullough Lansing was commissioned in 1928 to develop the first sound system for a movie theater in Hollywood, the first sound film in the world, `The Jazz Singer', could be performed. A year later the foundation of the Lansing Manufacturing Company and in 1946 the James B. Lansing Sound, Inc. (JBL) with the aim to bring hi-fi sound in the living room. Hardly any other manufacturer so created many milestones in loudspeaker technology: Heartfield, Paragon, L-Series, Control® 1 or Ti are the ciphers of the glorious history of the brand. As JBL brought his THX-certified home theater system Synthesis® on the market in 1992, this sat at the same time a new standard for professional sound reinforcement systems. Currently, more than half of all cinemas were sonicated with a JBL speaker system in the world. Today, JBL is a global company and, with its thousands of employees of the largest speaker manufacturers in general. More information at www.jbl.com .


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